Equipment list

World tour packing list

Complete bicycle with 26″ wheels, 2 racks, saddle pouch and 4 panniers.

Tent, sleeping bag, therm-a-rest, dry stuff bags, and tarp.

Cooking stove, fuel canister, 2 pans (sauce and saute), cutting board, cooking oil, utensils, lighter, rag, seasonings and two small tuber-wear containers.

Computer with dry bag, camera, external hard drive, back up SD card, spare batteries, i-pod, chargers, international plug adapter, headlamp, small note book, pen

Rain jacket, long sleeve wool shirt, 2 long sleeve dress shirts, wool scarf, beanie, trucker hat, 2 pairs of cycling knickers, long underwear, sandals, wool socks, cycling gloves, sarong, sunglasses, yellow reflective vest, helmet, medicine kit: Aspirin, antibiotics for travelers diarrhea, and antihistamine, small first aid kit.

Foldable tire, pump with gauge, Swiss army knife, two inner tubes, patch kit, 3 tire levers, allen keys, 3 open end wrenches, 13/15 flat wrench for adjusting brakes, spare brake shoes, cables, chainlinks, nuts and bolts, chain breaker, spoke wrench, 10′ rope, cassette removal tool, electrical tape, Guerrilla tape, 5 titanium tent stakes, small bar of soap, zip ties, 5 bungee cords.

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