Ft Walton Beach, Florida

Sunset in Fort Walden Beach Florida

Sunset in Fort Walden Beach Florida

It was at least a 100 mile ride from the western end of Dauphin island to Ft Walden beach. Departing the island a storm slowly brewed, and I was lucky to catch the last ferry out. I arrived in Ft Walden Beach, Florida late in the evening and was lucky to escape riding in the dark. I stayed with a new friend Dane, who could play Leonardo De Capprio’s double in “Blood Diamond”. With a southern accent and attitude, he made me a pan fried mango pizza and let me crash on his couch. I ended up spending the next day with him and we traveled to the Econfina springs north east of the beach. The bottled water company “Aquafina” bottles their water at one of the springs, and there are at least 20 different springs scattered across a 20 square miles of forest. The water was turquoise blue and crystal clear. Each spring had a deep crater where the spring flows keeping the temperature at a cool 60 degrees. I can’t image why anyone would want to be out at the beach with these springs being so close, however it was nice to have several springs just to ourselves.

We spent the late afternoon playing ukulele and harmonic on the docks of the city. When the sun goes down everyone goes out, and all the city lights turn on. I spent hours on the docks watching the city and enjoying my time on the water.



9 thoughts on “Ft Walton Beach, Florida

  1. I’m really enjoying reading your stories, Julian. I just found your website tonight, and I just read all of the entries in one sitting – a great page turner! How exciting, you’re living life like a movie based on a coming of age novel. A fusion of On The Road, Into the Wild, Indiana Jones, Teen Wolf, Seven Years in Tibet, and Under Siege… I’ll be thinking about you, your dad, and the rest of the Wongs as you continue your trip. Safe travels!

    • Thanks Sean! The journey has been really great so far, and your comment is very motivational! This is my last night in America, and I can only imagine what things are going to be like in Norway. Thanks for following along, please give my best to Robin and the rest of the fam. I had the intention of looking up Nick while in Austin but the city can keep you distracted.

      Take care


  2. HI:
    good to know let you crossed the US safely, and it is nice to read what you wrote and see those beautiful pictures. Hope you enjoy your next trip from Norway to China and welcome to Taiwan! Best Wishes!!


  3. Hey Julian! Happened to randomly stumble upon your story through the Murrieta Patch, and I’m really glad I did. I’m super stoked that you embarked on such a cool journey. I’m now following your posts and I look forward to seeing and hearing about each step of your journey. Good luck and stay safe my friend. Brandon Prince

    • Good to hear from you Brandon! Its been a while and I was just thinking about how we went to Rawhide ranch together with Chris Baker back in the day, I think we also had Mrs. Gallogly for the first grade. Time passes quickly. Nice to hear that you found the blog! The journey has been quite an adventure so far and tomorrow I depart for Norway. It’s going to be different, but I am sure that great people exist everywhere and I can’t wait to cross paths with them. Keep in touch, would love to see you when I return.


    • Thanks Mirka! I am impressed by your action to go to Med school! Living on a island will be exciting. I may go a similar route when I return, but am currently enjoy a break away from academia. Hope all is well!


  4. Looks like you’re having an amazing time! Can’t wait to see some pics from Europe and beyond. Impressive stuff, my friend. Take care and enjoy!

    • Thanks Jason, great to hear from you! The south is definitely an interesting place, and has in my opinion much culture compared to the western states. Europe is where the adventure will truly begin, and I may not sleep tonight thinking of the Fjords and open fields that I will soon be crossing. I hope all is going well back in LA.
      We got some camping to do when I get back!


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