Bergen, Norway


Bergen harbor

After three layovers and a close call in Frankfurt I arrived in Bergen, Norway. I unpacked my bicycle and rode out of the airport into a new world. Almost like coming out of the womb, I cycled the foreign roads to the city center. The time here is 6 hours ahead of the east coast and although I was able to sleep on the plane I was a bit distraught with finding my way about.


Downtown city center

Bergen, is surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, and was the original capital of Norway. With a temperate climate and a large harbor the city drew sea vessels from all over the east. The city still has a lot of historic sites and many of the earlier architecture is still inhabited.


Lake on top of Mt. Floyen

The city is a cross between Victoria, BC and Anchorage, AK. Being this far north the sun doesn’t set till after 11pm and cruise ships from all over the world still come to the harbor for a night in town.


View from mountain tourist hub

I spent my first full day walking the streets and cycling to the top of Mt Floyen. I marveled at the old wooden houses along the harbor, and walked the cobble stone streets in the downtown area. It is very easy to get around, many people speak English and are very friendly. However the road signs are extremely confusing, each street name is at least 11 letters long it will take sometime before I can pronounce many of the Norwegian vowels. Prices are extremely high and I will be surviving on a kg of pasta and a large loaf of bread for the next few days. Alcohol is ridiculously over priced, the cheapest bottle of wine is close to 120 krone (20 dollars) and a beer in a bar is no less than 60 krone.

Regardless the city is beautiful and the weather is a great change from the hot and humid south. Tomorrow I am heading to the Fjords north of the city, via a dirt trail that passes two mountains and a few glaciers. I am slowly making my way to Oslo and should be in Sweden by late next week. Scandinavia here I come!


Great single track on back roads of town!


6 thoughts on “Bergen, Norway

  1. Beautiful place. Topography looks challenging. I’m following you with an open map by my side – please mention the cities/towns you cycle through so we can follow your path. Stay healthy.

  2. Glad you made it safely, Bergen is the sister city of Seattle. Mostly Ballard, a Norwegian neighborhood in Seattle, where I am right now sippin a Cascadian Dark Ale at a local micro brewery. Safe journeys, John

    • Hey John,

      Would love to go for a brew now! But unfortunately occupied drying clothes and getting my route settled for tomorrows epic ride on the Rallarvegen hwy to Flam. Take care


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