An honest start


I am pedaling again. Panniers over filled, and packed like I have never been on a tour before. I am being honest with myself, that I am a bit anxious about what lies ahead. I have spent a wonderful 6 weeks making new friends and becoming close to others, and it feels a bit different to be on the road again. Strangers, what an unintelligent word, there is nothing strange about the human beings around me, whether I am in a bazaar in Bosnia or in American Apparel in Los Angeles. We all have something inside that leads us in a direction and the only thing that I can see that is strange is when we don’t admit to ourselves what we really want. I can not expect another to truly understand what the world means to me, and I should not feel like I need to. My path is different than others, none is better than the one, and what brings us together is the passion that we have to get there, somewhere.

Blood sausage farewell meal

Blood sausage farewell meal

Thank you all so much for your Christmas cards and gifts! I received several emails with scanned handmade cards, and I am with friends in this world. I missed my 1 pm ferry to my landing point between Krk and the mainland. I will now arrive after dark and will have to search through the new landscape with little light. I went on a long trek with some friends last night to the supposed most beautiful place on the island, Paradise cove. I felt it while I was near the rocks and the water something inside is waiting the seclusion. The moon continues to grow, and the last few nights I have seen Orion through the cloud breaks. I will follow Orion all the way to Bosnia, and then continue to follow this isolated warrior to Egypt and Jordan.

Well here’s to starting new again, and I may I never stop learning about life. Will write again when I get to Pula.

3 thoughts on “An honest start

  1. Good luck wishes for your journey ahead – keep on with your Song of the Open Road. May the west and the east be yours, may you always be loved by strangers as you pass…

  2. We already missed you. “Brlog” is empty but our hearts are full. Let our love and friendship follow you at your trip. 2 hugs. Y&N

  3. hi, Julian:
    It’s nice to know you had a good rest and ready for a new start. I like to read what you wrote and like those photos. All the best wishes to you!
    Take care and Good Luck!


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