Remote update


Hey friends! I have spent the last 10 days climbing unbelievably beautiful passes and sleeping in sub-zero temperatures. Since pedaling into Kyrgyzstan I have climbed five 10,000+ foot mountains. There are many adventures and pictures to show from the last few days and I will post them soon. I depart for Japan in 10 days!!



4 thoughts on “Remote update

    • Not a bad idea, but I only have two months of exploring before heading back to the States for a short visit. I do have some plans of cycling the big island though and it won’t be too long until I am over there.

      Take care

    • Thanks Kay Jay,

      The extra clothes were a big help in the mountains, especially the sleeves which I used to keep my knees warm during long -15 nights.
      By now you must have moved to a new apartment in Baku?

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