And on to Malaysia

Today I depart from Bangar, Brunei and pedal to the Malaysia border. By nightfall I should be well into the country and near the capital city of Lawas, Sarawak. I will make my way toward Kota Kinabalu the capital city of Sabah where I hope to spend a few days exploring the 13,000 ft mountain overlooking the coast. From Malaysia I will cross into Kalimantan Indonesia in hope of finding a boat that will take me to Sulawesi.

Kayaking the Singai Temburong river

Kayaking into the rainforest, Singai Temburong river

4 thoughts on “And on to Malaysia

  1. Hi Julian,

    Remember the 3 ladies from the Sabah tourist info centre?
    Hahaha you might not believe this but after you left the buidling, It made me thinking that perhaps you might have a blog to document your interesting bike adventure throughout the world ( Which VERY seldom people done it). So yeah i googled and here i am commenting. I soon learnt that this is not just a fun and interesting adventure but also an emotional journey for you. Inspired to see your motivation and i pray that you’ll complete your mission safely and with joy.
    Knowing what your next route and destination will be, i know it is not that simple ( even more cycling!!) yet i know that you will have a great experience a long the way 🙂
    Maybe next time we can meet up and hear your stories more.

    Take care and cheers!

    Elsie M

  2. Hi Julian!

    Remember the 3 ladies from Sabah tourist info centre?
    You might not believe this but it made me thinking that you must have documented your adventurous journey somehow. So here yeah! i googled and here I am commenting your travel blog. Little did we know that your travel plan is also an emotional journey for you.
    But I’m sure that it will be an exciting one and worth remembering for a lifetime.
    I pray that you will have a safe journey and manage to accomplish this mission 🙂
    Perhaps next time we can have a “yumcha” ( drinks in local) as we certainly would love to hear your stories again.

    Take care and enjoy your adventure.


    • Of course I remember you guys!! Thank you so much for finding and following my along the journey! The road to Tawau from KK was in very good condition and was always paved! I got into Tawau a few days ago and to get to Kalimantan there is a boat daily to Nunukan, and three times a week (Tues, Thurs, and Sat) to Tarakan. From Tarakan there is a daily speed boat service to Tan Jung Selor, where there is a road to Balikpapan. There are also many ferries that go between Kalimantan and Sulawesi, the biggest company has a website with time schedules: I plan to ride south to Balikpapan then take the ferry to Toli Toli near Palu on Sulawesi. I have made lots of new friends here and on the road, and will post pictures on a new post soon! Thanks for the help and the map and please let me know if there is any other information that I can help you with! Too bad you are not here in Tawau then we could get yumcha today!!! Take care!

      • Hey Julian, so good to hear updates from you! now we know more about the logistic from Tawau to Kalimantan-Indonesia.
        All thanks to you and safe journey 🙂

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