Voyage De Australia


Cliffs and black sand beaches Uluwatu, Bali


Hindu Kecha fire dance

A week off of cycling and traveling Bali has ended, and it is time to begin again. I thoroughly enjoyed camping on the quiet beaches and visiting the mysterious Hindu temples scattered throughout the small island. Local markets, exotic fruits and roadside food stalls are all a thing of the past now, as I pedal past suburban shopping malls and tract house lots in the small city of Darwin Australia. It is going to be a long journey to Sydney (over 5,000 km). With a return ticket to California on July 21st I need to average close to 100 km a day in order to arrive on time. Public transportation is extremely expensive with a greyhound bus ticket costing close to $400 for less than 1,000 km.


Camping near the USS Liberty ship wreck

Once I leave Darwin I will be in the remote outback for many days. Local descriptions of the outback vary; landscapes sculpted by erosion, dry hot deserts and rolling hills similar to those found on the moon.  I have been warned by many to take extreme caution with near water sources as crocodile attacks are extremely common and almost always result in death.


Another adventurous trip through the busy streets to the airport.

I am ready again for the open road and depart tomorrow. Hope to write again soon!



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