From Malaysia to India


Kuala Lumpur’s famous twin towers

The last 48 hours have been a blur. A long lay over in Kuala Lumpur gave me ample time to explore the city on a hot summer night, and then a long flight to New Delhi, followed by a midnight bus to the region of Punjab.

Malaysia is fascinating as it is so diverse! Malays, Pakistani’s, Indian’s, Chinese and Arab’s all mixed together speaking the national language Bahasa Malaysia. Wandering through the city I passed through cultural districts that took me back to the cities of China, the Middle East and India. Walking behind the cities famous Mosque I passed stores selling authentic Jordanian clothes and head scarves, and listened to people bargain on cobble stone streets speaking Arabic.

A long bus ride took me to the holy Sikh city of Amritsar. Getting off of the bus and riding through the city I was overwhelmed by chaos!! By far the most chaotic environment since the Middle East. Traffic consists of all types of transport going with and against traffic, horns blaring in all directions and cows!! Holy Hindu cows blocking traffic as they eat grass in the median. If I can keep healthy I can do this, but if it falters this is going to be impossible.


Amritsar Punjab, India. In the distance the Sikh Golden Temple


A city and state full of Sikh’s, Punjab India

1 thought on “From Malaysia to India

  1. Oooh WP is giving me password grief :-((. I am wishing you well…fall is on the way my friend. I finally found good pasture for my horse on thr Kings River. Looks like Kentucky! “Life goes on bra…”
    Stay well and come home soon.

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