Enter: Nepal and the Himalayas


Local breakfast, fried curry potatoes

I have finally departed from the low, swampy jungle lands on northern India. Camping along busy roads each night in a hot, breeze-less marsh surrounded by mosquitoes, I patiently waited to cross into Nepal. Nepal is culturally very similar but lacks the extremely dense populated areas of India. Traffic is less, locals are less inquisitive and the Annapurna mountains range in the distance. I am now a few days ride from the Annapurna circuit trail and plan to cycle to the base of the holy mountain.


3 thoughts on “Enter: Nepal and the Himalayas

  1. Wow Julian, it must be beautiful. Hope your health is good. What are your plans for the upcoming winter? It seems like only part of your message came through as it is shorter than usual.

    Fall is upon us early it seems with unusually cool weather. New fires keeping popping up anf contrbuting to the already bad air quality. Sometimes it seems as if California is burning up because of climaye change and we’ll all havr to move north.

    I am planning on going to the County fair to the horse races and I’m really looking forward to it. My own horse has been retired early due to being attacked by dogs last Christmas at the ranch where you visited with Alexis.

    Stay smart and safe kind regards,

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