To Bhutan


A pretty picture, this is cow dung mixed with hay stuck to long reeds. After drying the product is used in the kitchen for cooking fuel.


Fresh harvested rice drying in the sun.


Nepal’s southern valley, known as the “Terai” region is very fertile and full of swamps. The mosquitoes couldn’t get much worse.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Nepal, continuing east  will cross into the Indian state of Bengal before entering Bhutan. In my month traveling Nepal I have really gotten to enjoy the company of many kind individuals and have spent days traveling in the remote Himalayas. The weather could have been a lot better, and though I traveled through many northern regions looking for views of the great mountains, I have only seen Annapurna and Everest. (Each was seen for only a few minutes before being obscured by clouds).K2 should be visible from Darjeeling but my luck with weather so far has not be great. Will write again from Bhutan!


I will miss these treacherous mountain roads. A few days ago 6 trekkers died in a landslide not far from my location.


Local rice mill. Rice is the staple in Nepal and sells for about $0.40 for a Kilo. I personally find the rice very bland with a dry texture that makes the rice spread all over the plate . Meals here in Nepal usually consist of a small bit of vegetables and maybe a bit of beans paired with a huge helping of rice. If the Nepal only knew of the fragrant and sticky rice found in South East Asia!!


My grandfather tells me not to cook in my tent. This is a local lady cooking over a wood fire in a small mud cottage. This meal consisted of cooked corn meal and goat jerky, the jerky is drying over the stove.



Sunrise, one of the clearest days I have encountered in my 30 days in Nepal.


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