I created this blog to chronicle my travels, adventures and thoughts as I slowly pedal my way to Southern China. Since quitting my job and departing on my first bike tour in 2010 I have become addicted to life on the road and have been living the dream ever since. This is by far my longest and most profound cycle tour! And has been an aspiration of mine since I started riding a bike as a child. My goal, though having a destination, is to let things take shape naturally, and to limit scheduling as much as possible. It is my view that this creates barriers in the mind and limits the spontaneity of life. I post regularly and respond to all comments! Please feel free to contact me and let me know what’s on your mind!img_2604

My name is Julian Wong, I am 32 years old and I grew up in the small city of Murrieta in Southern California. I was very fortunate to grow up with two loving and caring parents, and was very close to both my mother, Alicen and my father, Karming. Karming had a very challenging and prosperous life. When he was 18, he escaped the Chinese Cultural Revolution so that he could find a job and support his family. He worked any and every job he could find, including scrapping barnacles off of ships with his bare feet in the Hong Kong harbor and demolishing old apartment buildings with his bare hands and a sledge hammer.  After saving enough money to support his family, he flew to Thailand where he ordained as a Buddhist monk. He then spent the next 10 years practicing Buddhism and traveling the world, eventually finding his way to California.

Throughout my life he was not only a role model but more of an inspiration. We were very close and I spent much of my childhood traveling the world at his side. When he passed in 2011 I was shocked and searched for a closure that I would never find. I longed for one last adventure with my father. This is it, a 20,000 km bicycle journey carrying his ashes to his hometown in southern China. In the 30 years I have been in this world, it has been through extreme challenge or discomfort that I have been aware and thankful for every living breath. Without hardship, I fall asleep, and forget what a gift I have; here, now and everyday.
Thanks for reading
-Julian Wong

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  1. May your journey go well, Julian. May you inspire others along the way. May you experience resolution. May you come back healthy and share with us all. Enjoy! – walker

  2. Hi Julian.
    I was brought to tears watching this this morning.
    We have much in common my friend.
    I wish you the truest of journey’s, one that engulfs you to such at point that you disappear into it.
    Or as Shunryu Suzuki puts it:

    “When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself.”

    If there is anything I can do to support you, just ask.

    Wind at your bak.


    • Thanks Rick! Your comment is all I need for support and will carry me through the first leg of this journey!
      I am glad that you enjoyed the film, keep in touch


  3. Julian,

    Your trip and journey is inspirational just as your father was!
    Also your films are just beautiful…. is that you singing? I even like your bike.
    (I ride an old Gary Ficher too)

    Peace on your travels….

    I wish you a safe and happy trip and my love and respect to you, your father and to all your family.

    Safe journeys!


  4. Hi Julian,
    I’ve just found your blog and have loved reading it–amazing photographs and great stories. I’m thinking of having my students follow you this year, hope that’s okay with you. Be safe and stay healthy, we’re thinking of you, love Molly and Tim
    p.s. if you go to Turkey I have a friend in Istanbul

    • Hey Molly! Great to hear you found the blog! I would love to have your class follow along, and hope that It may help me find friends along the road. I am headed to Turkey and would love to meet your friend!
      Take care


  5. Hello Julian,
    You gave me your blog address in Geilo, Norway around mid-August after we bumped into each other a few times riding the wrong way of the Rallerwegen. We were the only crazy ones riding from Flam to Haugustal. You are a strong rider! I am just catching up to your adventures up to and since then. The pictures are good and the journey is amazing,

    BTW My Rivendell cost considerably less than the $5k you mentioned. It was custom made for someone else and it took me a few years to afford to build it up from when I bought the discounted frame.

    Good luck on your continued adventures.

    Sheldon from Oakland

    • Good to hear from you Sheldon! Glad you found the blog! Sorry about the price inflation on the bicycle, what a beaut! How did the end of your tour turn out? I got sick a few hours after we parted, and ended up staying in Honefoss for a few days before going to Oslo. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Baltics and recommend you cycle out here one day. Keep in touch!

  6. Dearest Julian,

    Bruce and I look forward each week to reading about your journey with Karming. Your photography is exceptional and your writings poetic. We were so fortunate to have both your father and mother in our lives. Safe travels.
    Happy New Year,
    Bruce and Shelley

  7. Your auntie Barbara was visiting my home [Istanbul,Turkey] she told us about your wonderful bike trip. Good luck and good speed!!

  8. Hey Julian,

    It’s Brett here- your chemistry/trailer park buddy. I’ve been weened off of social media for a couple years and never saw your departure on the pilgrimage. Today I saw the photos you posted on facebook via Leoni’s account. Your blog posts are impressive. I’ve been doing some bike touring myself, and can only image the physical and mental hurdles you’re taking gracefully with each day.

    I appreciate your shout-out to Rebecca Braslau on her NMR questions facilitating your ascorbic acid purchases. I have similar memories of 13-C and 1-H NMR shifts from electron shielding on triple bonded carbons from one of her exams.

    I’ll be thinking about you as you travel east from your Eurasia junction.

    Safe travels,


    • Good to hear from you Brett!! Never was too much of a fan of C-13 but could always nail the 1-H! The worst though was the mass spec! Where have your cycling travels taken you? I am also a bit nervous about the Eurasian junction as there as some long desolate distances in extreme environments, I have been extremely blessed on this trip and I know the guidance will continue. Take care my friend I hope to see you again when I return!

  9. Dear Julian,

    You truly are an inspiration to many people and that includes me. I watched some of your videos and they are beautiful! I’m starting making my dreams come true also but maybe one day, I can take it to another level just like yours, to really do the things I dreamed of doing, explore the world and meet new people.

    Thank you for passing by the Philippines and here in Mindoro. I had fun with you, Ate Carlota and Ate Babes even for a short time that we were together. The drinking, singing and eating was really nice. We didn’t expect to meet Jason Mraz last night. 🙂
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Calapan.

    I wish you a safe trip to your next destinations and hope to see you again some other time on your trips.


    • Thank you Bob! I hope you make the trip to Romblon soon! There are very few tourists out here and the local people have treated me with such kindness. I do hope our paths cross again in the near future. Until we meet again

  10. I hope so too Julian! Enjoy your stay there in Tablas! Post some photos of forest (terrestrial, mangrove or beach forest) please. 🙂


  11. Hi Julian,

    We were pals our first year at UCSC. Your name just popped in my head, so naturally I googled it, and I am so pleased to find your site. What an amazing thing to do. Good luck!!


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