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14 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hi Julian my friend. It’s Devon and Mark from Gulfport, MS..Glad to see all is well, happy and adventurous with you. Your blog is great and the photo’s are spectacular, We wish you ONLY the best of blessings for you, your journey and protection, It is great to stay in touch and see all you are experiencing. Peace and Health till next time. Cheers!!

  2. Julian – I am a friend of Mike and Kathy. We met a few years ago at their house a few years ago and also went to a concert at UCR with you, your mom and sister. I would also like to be a sponsor for your trip.

    Please let me know how to go about it.

    Richard Valdez

  3. Julian,
    I hope you are well. Stay safe & well on your trip to return your Father’s ashes. I remember the night at Stadium Pizza with Mike. You are doing it! Your Father is proud & happy for your adventure. We will all have a beer when you return.

  4. Hello Julian,
    If you’d like to be sponsored, Progress Band would be happy to send you as many albums as you would like. Just send us an address and a quantity.
    The final version should arrive here in another week! And your part sounds great! It’s on track 2.
    The trip sounds awesome so far! I can’t even keep up with the blog posts. I am a slow reader though. All those hours, chained in a cave in the middle of ———-, you know how it goes.
    Epic journey bro.

  5. Aloha Julian, I first met your father shortly after he first came to California and stayed with my brother in Riverside. He knew very little English then but right away I knew he was special. I was the “little sister” and he influenced me in ways that I wasn’t even aware of at the time. I am impressed by your endeavor and am rooting for you. I am sending a little change to help you along the way in honor of your father. Maybe you can take yourself out to dinner or amp up your first aid kit. Although I have yet to meet you or your mother or sister you sound like an amazing family. The last time I spoke with your dad we talked about meditation and he was interested in my time in Myanmar and Hawaii. It sounds like you have inherited his travel genes and spirituality.
    In metta,

  6. Julian – I recently met your mother (May 2013) and was touched by her story and your odyssey. I’ve made a small donation in appreciation of your willingness to share it with us. Nancy

    • Thank you so much for the donation Nancy! I am very glad that you had the opportunity to me my mother and I hope for the same when I return! Thanks for all your input and for following along!

    • Thanks again friends! I am so fortunate in this life to find such generous people! I send my blessings to both Carlos and Emily, and I look forward to meeting them! We must meet again my friend!

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