Intestinal Parasites in a Polish Village


After leaving Krakow, and riding about 20-30 kilometers I was struck with a high fever and a terrible stomach pain. In Dobczyce, a small village just outside of Krakow, I picked up some water, aspirin and headed to the nearest forest for sleep. I found a nice, quiet stream bed and set up for the night. Temperatures dropped below zero, and I spent most of the night excreting in a small hole. Toilet paper quickly ran out and I resorted to washing with ice-cold stream water. On several occasions I would just start warming up in my sleeping bag and my stomach would groan. Back outside, into the cold dark to expel a watery stool, in a shallow hole.

View from stream bed near the lake where I was cooped up for two long nights

View from stream bed near the lake where I was cooped up for two long nights

The next day I was too weak to pack up, or even do anything but lie in tent. Without food I figured that my stomach would easy up, but it seemed that all waste was now channeled through my intestines. After another long night in the cold, and the onset of abdominal pains I decided to leave the stream bed and find a place to sleep indoors. I found lodging above a restaurant in the center of town, and quickly felt spoiled with a flushing toilet and shower.

Dobcyzce castle just in walking distance from my room

Dobcyzce castle just in walking distance from my room

After much rest, close to three days now, I continue to have constant diarrhea sometimes with blood and mucus(sorry to be so graphic). The abdominal pain has also not gone away, but seems to be getting a bit better. With tomorrow being Monday I am heading to the nearest Dr. in hope of getting some more lovely antibiotics. I have not been completely bed ridden but more likely bathroom bound, almost every hour I get the stomach pain and there better be a bathroom close, or some sort of foliage.

Church, view from my room

Church, view from my room, (very similar to Black Sabbaths debut album)

I have done a bit of exploring in the village. The window in my room faces the church and I can hear the choir sing in the evenings, beautiful Latin psalms, and sometimes devotional polish hymns. Last night, the who village gathered for a wedding in the church, and the reception was in the restaurant below me. All night a band polish fiddle band played and friends and family danced. Other than that I have been sleeping and reading. This is the most I have been off my feet in a while and I hope to get some good information tomorrow. I will keep you posted


Polish hops

Polish hops


2 thoughts on “Intestinal Parasites in a Polish Village

  1. Julian – Good call to visit a doctor. This sounds pretty serious. I hope you’re back on your feet (bike?) soon. Nancy G (Murrieta)

  2. Good morning Julian, Yup blood in stool is a must go to doc sign. Hope you get good care and are better soon. I’m glad you sprung for a room so you don’t sicker than you are especially with the cold weather. Keep us posted.

    Here it is cool mornings and warm days as we drift from summer to fall. The Rim fire is 92% contained near Yosemite. It is the 3rd largest fire in California history and I will be glad for rain to clean the air of the smoke and pollution from harvest. It is the worst year I’ve seen. The stores already have Halloween stuff up.
    Best, CH

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