Panniers of Holiday Jam

City lights across the Mediterranean

City lights across the Mediterranean

I find my mind drifting and wandering to the far corners of the globe, and feel the insuperable urge to continue down the vast road. Staying in one place, a small island of about 400 square km, has proven quite challenging. Spending my days wandering about, and cycling familiar roads does not conduct the same current in veins. I have acquired a few acquaintances, and have ridden long single track to remote villages. I continue to be greeted with praise, and am often offered cheese, bread, Rakija and dried figs from the island. am frequently told the same Croatia proverb, that in order to see and travel the world one must wait for “the wind to pick the vegetables from ones garden, and blow the olives from tree”… But if “one has no garden and no trees then there is no need to wait”.

Sunset beach lounging

Sunset beach lounging

“the only wait is for the sun to greet me each day”

Icy waters near forested shores

Icy waters near forested shores

I have become quite popular in the weekly community yoga classes and the attendance has grown to around 15. I have been asked repeatedly to teach and Monday will be my first Croatia yoga class. Many students think that because I am so flexible I have some sort of “secret” practice that if taught to them, will enable them too to grab their heels in a forward bend.

Lots of dirt roads waiting to be explored

Lots of quiet roads to be explored

Keeping strong in my days off the road, I have filled my panniers full of festive Croatia Jam, which is made all over the island. Each pannier can fit close to 5 litters of the sweet topping, and it makes for a good snack at the top of the steep hills.
Omisalj is decorated in Christmas lights, and the local church choir have started practicing in the evenings. I have started to learn Croatian baking and will soon be a master at making “burek” and apple strudel.

Old ruins, waiting to be excavated

Old ruins, waiting to be excavated

1 thought on “Panniers of Holiday Jam

  1. More likely those yoga goers are attempting to figure out where one buys the famous “bubble butt” yoga shorts. Perhaps a Croatian fashion line will become necessary in the near future. We missed you sorely at Thanksgiving, but don’t worry, we didn’t get any sweet rolls! The island looks beautiful and I can’t wait to try some burek and apple strudel! Love you!

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