Hopping a midnight cargo ship bound for Kazakhstan

What a crazy day! After hours of cycling around the busy city I have my official deportation letter as well as a fresh Uzbekistan visa! I was also lucky enough to find a cargo ship traveling across the Caspian sea bound for the Kazakhstani port city of Aktau. I should be there by tomorrow night, and will begin my travels through Central Asia. I have no idea what to expect after leaving Azerbaijan, this is where the journey gets really interesting. Please send some goodwill my way as the long road through Kazakhstan is going to be tough. I will touch base again as soon as I can.  -Julian

4 thoughts on “Hopping a midnight cargo ship bound for Kazakhstan

  1. Julian, I think about you everyday. Don’t worry in a good way. I tell and share your story with many people. You are believe it or not an inspiration to many. I am very proud of you. Yes this is where its gets interesting. Kazakhstan is not only remote most people (American’s) have ever heard of it. Hey rode 76 mile yesterday. Murrieta to Huntington Beach pier. Getting ready for a couple centuries one in September and one in October. My thoughts are with you. Greg

    PS: your videography is getting pretty awesome. Excellent I must say.

  2. Hi from Azerbaijan. I’m really sorry that you had some tough time with the government. Hope you will get to Aktau safe and sound. Just for you to remember me: we had a nice chat in Second Cup Baku where I was trying to call someone who didn’t even have a proper name lol.
    I am pleased to say that I was really happy to get to know you and I love your website so far 🙂 Take care of yourself. God bless people like you 🙂 Hope you will come and visit us again after 2 years 🙂

    • Hey Aysel!
      Thanks a lot for your help in the coffee shop! It was a pleasure meeting you and your newly engaged friend!! I hope I will make it back one day but it may not be for a while!! Keep up with the languages! Ciao!!

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