Hopping a midnight cargo ship for Kazakhstan

What a crazy day! After hours of cycling around the busy city I have my official deportation letter as well as a fresh Uzbekistan visa! I was also lucky enough to find a cargo ship traveling across the Caspian sea bound for the Kazakhstani port city of Aktau. I should be there by tomorrow night, and will begin my travels through Central Asia. I have no idea what to expect after leaving Azerbaijan, this is where the journey gets really interesting. Please send some goodwill my way as the long road through Kazakhstan is going to be tough. I will touch base again as soon as I can.  -Julian

7 thoughts on “Hopping a midnight cargo ship for Kazakhstan

    • Hey Janet and Robert!! I hope you still have some saved frequent flier miles!! I look forward to the epic lamb dish me and Tommi missed last time!! And of course more of the Santa Monica Bay cities bread!!

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