Jumping ship in Incheon, Korea

My connecting flight to Japan is delayed! 12 hours maybe 24 who knows! A bit restless and ready to hit the road I made the decision to ditch the flight and pedal out of the airport. I am now in the north of the country and am full of options. I really have no idea where I am, in terms of where in the country the Incheon airport is as well as how far I am from Busan. From what I remember south Korea is not that big. Well, here we go; another country, language and so many new customs. It all begins right here and now. My east Asian adventures begin in Incheon!


4 thoughts on “Jumping ship in Incheon, Korea

  1. Without using Google map, I believe you are somewhere in the culturally central, geographically northwest part of South Korea. keep pedaling North and you will hit North Korea. good luck, and be prepare for the cold weather (or hot and humid like Hong Kong)!

    • Yes Martin, Korea was really cold! I just arrived in southern Japan and it is raining! I guess I am not too disappointed about the large shopping malls, they make a great house until dark.


  2. Hi Julian,

    Sounds like you are near the site of the USMC’s famous Incheon Landing during the Korean War. With the North Koreans threating to push UN troops into the sea at Pusan on the southeast coast, the Marine Corps 1st Division pulled out of its position at Pusan, executed a surprise amphibious landing on the southwest coast at Incheon, out-flanked the North Koreans sending them into a full retreat, and drove northeast to recapture Seoul the South Korean capital. Its a classic event in US military history. It also puts you about 50 km west of Seoul. Your friend is right; look for cold weather as you move north.

    My best,

    • Thanks for the reply Chuck! I did thoroughly enjoy the culture and history in Korea! I will be back in Murrieta for the holidays maybe we can finally get that beer!

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