More time to dive

On the eve before departing Puerto Galera I asked my friend, host and diving instructor Jeroen if I could stick around and train with his students to become an open water diver. In return for filling tanks, hiring tricycles, carrying equipment and parking and retrieving boats I trained with his class and as of last night have become a certified open water diver! This bold and fancy title allows me to  rent and procure scuba gear without having to hire a guide or book a tour. Giving me freedom to choose when and where I want to dive as long as I can find a diving partner. I look forward to continue as there are many beautiful locations that I will pedal through in the next few months.
During the training course Jeroen’s small one bedroom apartment was transformed into a guest house and was filled with four other students. It was fun having a full house and walking over people as l they slept to reach the bathroom, it reminded me a lot of growing up with the family.
I have been invited to dive at another location and plan to return in about a week to explore a ship wreck on the northern coast of Luzon. Today, with no further delay I hit the road and explore the island of Mindoro.
I had just gotten used to being alone again when I met all my new diving friends. In some ways I am getting tired of traveling alone, when diving one is always partnered and I have learned to enjoy working with people. I say this all with cold feet as I pack up Gaby again for the open and unexplored jungles of Mindoro.
I will be in the Philippines until March 7th, where I will then fly to Brunei and head south into Malaysia and Indonesia.

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