The Chinese Frontier


There is so little traffic out here I sometimes ride on the left side of the road.

The last few days have been tough. The elements here are extreme. Hot, arid days followed by freezing nights. The wind howls all day and dries my skin, lips and eyes. It is so remote that I could easily wander off into oblivion.


30 Tenge to use the toilet, last stop for 160 km. I carried 15 liters of water.

The Kazak people have been very helpful and friendly.  I have cycled through a few through  villages, and have quickly found strangers with smiling faces. It is difficult starting in such a location as this, and today I was ready to give up. My body hurts! I reflect though that with the right attitude everything seems to fall into place, but without…

I was always taught as a boy to “beware” of border towns, so I will spend one last night in Kazakhstan and cross into China early tomorrow morning.


Some Kazaks drinking vodka on the side of the road. City limits of Shonzy.


Last nights camping spot, there was quite a bit of standing water nearby so there were lots of mosquitoes and biting flies.

2 thoughts on “The Chinese Frontier

  1. With you in spirit, dear brother. May every challenge be a gentle step towards an ever wiser and kinder heart.

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