Cycling the Apocalypse


Chinese Lah Mian, Hand pulled noodles with stir fried vegetables and lamb, this is where Marco Polo got the idea for spaghetti


Kazakhstani version pronounced Lag Man in Russian (Not as good)



Two Uighur brothers selling Naan at the border. The look nothing like the Han Chinese.



Going down to the valley below sea level


The climbing the mountain range near Sayram Lake, China. The most scenic point en-route to Urumqi

I am in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. The roads have been extremely remote with long stretches between villages. The “Great Fire Wall of China” has made things extremely difficult for me in that all western websites are blocked! I am currently using a strange virtual private network to get around this system but so far this is the worst country for internet use!!! The government also controls all the guest houses and hotels making it hard for me to find a place to stay outside of a large city. It took me 3 hours yesterday to find a hotel, here in the capital that would accept foreigners.

The roads to the city were crazy, think trucks, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians all jammed onto a small road in the pouring rain. I am headed south from Urumqi to Bayingol and hope to find some smaller less frequented roads.  There are people everywhere here! No mater how remote my campsite is someone always shows up usually yelling into their cell phone. El Nino is in full swing over here and I have witnessed a few flash floods. China requires lots of patience, but at least my grasp of the language is pretty good! I will write again in the next few days but a lot of times even if there is internet there is no guarantee that I can access wordpress and or google. I am sure its a mater of Chinese national security.


Truck stop in the middle of nowhere. These places make me feel like I am pedaling through the set of some Apocalyptic film.

9 thoughts on “Cycling the Apocalypse

  1. Julian! so worried about you and your water supply, and do you have to use the word “apocalypse” in your post titles? things are bad enough over here with the elections…I hope you found a good place to camp and got the water figured out. We’re thinking of you as you get closer to your destination. Take care of yourself! love Molly

    • Will do!! The water situation is going to get worse for the next 1,000 of so miles but I think I can handle it!! Really enjoyed hanging out with you and uncle!! Hope all is going well with the guest house and the breeze way!

  2. Jon from Orlando here, where you stayed with us for a minute. Still following your ride with great interest. I know it is probably too late now, but you did not bring a water filter with you? Like a LifeStraw, or a PureEasy that foreign combat troops use? Only about 6 inches long, and remove 99.999999% of bacteria. Anyway to mail one to you at some future point? If not, just continue to be wise….and the PAIN will get better. (Might take a few weeks…sigh). Be safe!

    • Good call on the filter! And great to hear from you! The PAIN has gotten better and is mostly gone! I can usually find water but the distances between are rather large. I’ll make, it just may take a bit more patience! Take care Julian

  3. Great back to the videos. You look a bit more seasoned this time out. Now that you are back on the road I have something to look forward to again. Yes your blogs ! They are excellent. Love the soundtracks too. Greg

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