Making Sense


Wei Shan, old city.

48 hours, 4 buses, 3 trains, 1 plane and 6 hours of sleep. I am now back where I left the trail; Southern Yunnan. Two weeks in Guangzhou and 1 week in Hong Kong is long enough to forget the offensive social norms prevalent in China. I returned to find a world of spitting, boisterous cellphone conversations and excessive pushing and shoving while waiting in lines.


Smiling Dog, old man prepares festive paper kites


Local man tells me it takes three hours to make this festive wooden post.


Local cuisine, rice wrapped spicy tofu.


Hua Jiao, the essential “Ma” spice. Local food in the western provinces is often described as being “Ma La” a peppery, spicy flavor that sometimes leaves a numb sensation in your mouth.

China is, and always is an adventure. Full of friendly faces and strange smells, I am glad to be back. It will take me more than a week to reach the Laos border as I plan to visit the famous tea city of Pu’er and explore the Buddhist monasteries in Xishuangbanna.

1 thought on “Making Sense

  1. I’m so jealous of your travels thru China, but enjoy reading your blog. I hope someday to return to China myself. One month wasn’t nearly enough.

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