The Seven Sisters: Cycling a few of India’s North Eastern States


India’s North East is extremely different from the rest of the country.Neighboring China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh the seven sisters states are countries among themselves. In the last two months I have cycled through 5 of the states and have witnessed pagan festivals, mobs of tribal Christians, and miles of tea estates. Though part of India, the majority of people here don’t look Indian and trace their ancestry back to the  Mongolians. This is where India becomes South East Asia!


Another hard  and dirty day on the road. I am also wearing a white shirt. Imphal, Manipur


Made to order Paan. The paan shop is the Indian equivalent of a cafe.


Local Pan Shop. The NE States, especially Nagaland and Manipur have very good Paan (Areca nut wrapped inside of a betel leaf). Here is a picture of my favorite recipe called “Gua”. Areca nut, coconut, loose tobacco, raisins, cloves and lime paste wrapped into a betel leaf. It has a very refreshing taste that is both slightly stimulating and mildly psychoactive.


The contents are wrapped together is the fresh tasting Betel leaf then chewed. 


Some Christians in Nagaland. I am surrounded by Johns, Marks, Matts and Lukes.


Local Manipur lady busy at her loom, making traditional a blanket.


I am back in the jungles of south east Asia. Rats, fried cockroaches and bats are again sold on the road side and Christmas songs echo from distant churches. Its been a hard 7 days of cycling through mountains and long valleys, and am now in the city of Imphal the capital of Manipur state. Cities in the North East are awful, and filled with trash, exhaust and dust. But the mix in culture makes things interesting. Tomorrow I departure to America, and am looking forward to breathing clean air. Hope to see you all when I return!




2 thoughts on “The Seven Sisters: Cycling a few of India’s North Eastern States

  1. I spent a lovely afternoon visiting with Lucy on my Portland layover yesterday! I would love to see you too! Steven will be around this coming weekend. Where will you be flying into, and where will you be staying while you are here?

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