Welcome Home & Mexico City

As a boy I would collect rocks that looked like spaceships. Small, blue pieces of granite about the size of a Halloween tootsie roll. I didn’t make rocket noises or pretend to fly them through the air, nothing that fun. To me hiding them from the world was what I did. A rock,  to me was something that would last forever and knowing that I would always have a spaceship shaped rock hidden, waiting for me would make me happy. So when ever I get down, or seem to loose focus I know there are rocks waiting for me….


Moon over eastern Himalayas

America. Feels more like Scandinavia compared to the third world. Clean air, water and large human beings in big cars. What a rich world we live in. It is hard getting used to waking up in the same place. Each morning I find myself packing up my sleeping bag and putting away my tooth brush only to take them out again later in the day.

It is too early to know what my next move will be. A part wants to keep going, Africa, South America but another side tells me to try normal life again for a while….

My mother surprised me with a last minute trip to Mexico City!! Sunday we drive to the Mexican border, walk over the line and take a cab to the airport. We will be there a week .

Though back in America I will continue to post and as long as I pay the annual website fee this blog is my spaceship rock.  Happy holidays!!


5 thoughts on “Welcome Home & Mexico City

  1. Happy holidays!

    Also, if you are crossing from San Yisidro to TJ, there should be absolutely no line. Just walk and you’re there!

    Be prepare for some ‘no necesito’ solicitation though.

  2. Welcome home Jullian. Bruce and I follow your posts and pass them to friends. Give our love to your mom. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Bruce and Shelley

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