Travel Update: Southeast Asia


Lijiang nightscape, minutes before thunderstorm

By tomorrow evening I will be in my family’s home city of Guangzhou. I will spend at least a week visiting aunts, uncles and cousins before returning to Yunnan by train. The final destination of my fathers ashes is a bit uncertain, as I am currently thinking about taking them back to America. In the last two months in China, I have realized my father is more of an American than Chinese, and his home is with us in California, not is a small village that will eventually¬†become a shopping mall. I will see how things go when I arrive in Guangzhou, and make the trip to the village.


One of the only peaceful places in the city of Dali, small local pier.

Returning to Yunnan I will make my way through southeast Asia, and plan to cross into north east India via Myanmar.¬†From India I have a formal invitation to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan where I plan to help the Transportation Bureau promote cycling as a means of local transport. It may be the end of the road from there, I don’t usually like planning so far ahead but there is a lot of red tape with visas and permits.