Travel Update: Southeast Asia


Lijiang nightscape, minutes before thunderstorm

By tomorrow evening I will be in my family’s home city of Guangzhou. I will spend at least a week visiting aunts, uncles and cousins before returning to Yunnan by train. The final destination of my fathers ashes is a bit uncertain, as I am currently thinking about taking them back to America. In the last two months in China, I have realized my father is more of an American than Chinese, and his home is with us in California, not is a small village that will eventually become a shopping mall. I will see how things go when I arrive in Guangzhou, and make the trip to the village.


One of the only peaceful places in the city of Dali, small local pier.

Returning to Yunnan I will make my way through southeast Asia, and plan to cross into north east India via Myanmar. From India I have a formal invitation to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan where I plan to help the Transportation Bureau promote cycling as a means of local transport. It may be the end of the road from there, I don’t usually like planning so far ahead but there is a lot of red tape with visas and permits.


2 thoughts on “Travel Update: Southeast Asia

  1. Still here with you Julian! I agree….. what a trip and accomplishment….. and it sounds like you still have a few hurdles ahead of you. Take care in your planning. You are visiting some amazing and very different places. Your intuition seems to have guided you pretty well around the world. I trust that you will know just what to do with your father’s ashes when the time is right. Once again wishing you safe travels and good health along the way!

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